Square Foot Garden #1

by Rainbow Bobbins

Square Foot Garden 1

I have started my square foot garden. I built 3 4×4 boxes to put into my yard. I constructed the boxes out of untreated pine ($4.50 for 6 6×8 boards) and deck screws, finishing them off by stapling weed blocker ($0.79 per ft) to the bottom and placing the boxes on top of my lawn. Per Mel’s suggestion I made the soil from a mix of 1/3 Perlite (similar to Vermiculite), 1/3 Peat Moss, 1/3 organic compost. (This came to $65 or so) Finally, I stapled twine to the wood to form the square foot grid. 2 of the boxes contain 16 1×1 squares but because I was not paying attention one of the blocks ended up with 12 squares – oh well. The last frost date for my Zone (PacNW) is April 15 I am told.I simply could not wait that long and I went ahead and threw quite a few seeds in the ground. Oh well again. I think the peas, carrots and radishes will be okay but we will have to see about the beets, spinach, chard, gladiolus, cala lilies, nasturtiums, and lettuce that I planted. Although I put everything in the ground only 6 days ago, I’ve been out twice a day to see if anything has sprouted. I have some serious PacNW winter fever. As part of my OCD, type gardening – I have been making fantastic grids and planting charts which I will scan in here eventually just so whoever gives a hoot can see what one amateur gardener is up to.I also planted some tomato, marigold and lettuce seeds in jiffy pots indoors.

3/19 Update: The lettuce I planted indoors sprouted in just 5 days – it has been such a treat to watch the little spouts. Man I’m a geek.Also, I had my first sprouts in the outdoor garden: the radishes! I will include pics soon.

OTHER UPDATES: GROWING IN APRIL and More Growth and purple potatoes

Here are the boxes I built (with the help of D – thanks darlin’) New Boxes