Square Foot Garden #3

by Rainbow Bobbins

Garden #3

It has been almost a month since I started my square foot garden. I put the first seeds in the ground on March 15th. My garden has grown to include: peas, onions, carrots, spinach, beets, two types of lettuce, radishes, chard, oregano, basil, parsley, nasturtiums and gladiolus.

All’s well in the square foot garden so far. I am on my third set of plans in my gardening journal trying to figure out when to plant what where. I placed an order for tomato, eggplant, basil and lavender transplants with Territorial Seed Company. They are due to arrive May 15th and I can not wait. New developments: The peas which I planted March 15 got off to a slow start but are really taking off now. Soon I will have to construct a trellis. The radishes should be ready to harvest in another week or two. The Gladiolus bulbs which I planted March 15th have sent up a few spear heads and are making a steady climb. The lettuce plants have developed their first “true leafs”. The basil which I sprouted in a jiffy pot has been transplanted outdoors – most likely this is a bit premature but I’m new to this and I need to experiment. Three weeks after my first planting I added second rounds of some of the crops so I can benefit from a continual harvest. One of my blocks is nearly empty waiting for the summer crops like tomatoes, cucumber and eggplant –so I decided to kill some time by planting it with some of the quick growing crops like lettuce and radishes. I drop a zucchini seed in the summer veggie block – I am anticipating that the zucchini will dominate most of the block so I set the seed in one of the corner squares in hopes that it will grow over the side and leave some room for other plants.

Next up for the garden: I will be adding strawberry transplants after April 15th. Once I harvest the beets I will be replanting that square with Yin-Yang Bush Beans from Territorial Seed Company. The Yin-Yang Beans will be raised as a dry bean to make soup or bean salad – they are a really cool looking beans and the flavor is said to be like that of a black turtle bean. Fun. I am going to start a bit pot of potatoes in a separate container outside of the blocks – I think potatoes just out of the garden are amazing – a world of difference from those you get at the market.

I will have photos in the next couple of days and scans of the ever evolving garden plans.

Nastertium at one monthGladiola shoot with parsley in backgroundCarrots at one month
peas at one monthChard at one monthRed Sails Lettuce from Territorial Seed Co. at 5 weeks