Square Foot Garden #4

by Rainbow Bobbins

 Weeks”>Garden at 5 Weeks


Things are just starting to take off at a faster pace in the garden now that the weather has warmed a bit. The peas will need to be trellised in about two weeks. I will buy some strawberries after I get my next paycheck. The Gladiolus are officially the fastest growing item in the garden. And the big news….I had my first harvest! Four spicy, bright red Radishes – I planted the radishes on March 11th and harvested them on April 26th – It took a month and a half for those things to grow. Much slower than the package indicated. I think it has to do with the cold, rainy weather. (Ya think?) The Tom Thumb lettuce is a painfully slow grower – the package says it takes 22 days to mature – well, its taken a month and a half for just its little sprout head to poke out of the dirt. The red sails lettuce planted on March 11th is in the pre-teen stage I’d guess. I planted a second round on April 12th and I can tell its growing at a much faster pace than the seeds I planted the month before. Carrots are still wee little plants –it is difficult to tell what they are in fact. The zucchini seed that I planted on April 12th has not sprouted. I will try another one in a couple of weeks. The chard and the beets still seem to be on stand-by. The spinach has had some growth but one blob of bird poop wiped out my largest plant. That tells ya how scrawny they still are. May is approaching fast – In three weeks tomato plants from Territorial Seed Company will arrive along with some basil, lavender and eggplants. This weekend I am going to head over to the nursery and get my hands on some bush beans. Eventually I’d like to get a pot and start some potatoes. The basil that I transplanted from a jiffy pot while still quite small has not grown and has turned a bit yellow and sickly looking. Hmmm…might have to sing to that sprout. Or yank it and put in transplant. Another month here and the garden should be at full capacity. I check on the garden daily to see how the plants are doing – but it is not until I look at the pics on this blog that I really see the progress – or until I harvest them and eat ‘em.

Onions planted 4.3.07

Second Round of Radish at 3 weeks