Square Foot Garden #5

by Rainbow Bobbins

I check on my garden 2xs per day on average. It is one of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning. Checking in on the garden this often makes it seem like things are growing soooo sloooow – but keeping an (infrequent) photo-blog of the garden illustrates the rapid growth taking place. By comparing photos from the last post to my garden now I am thrilled to see how much the garden has grown. Well, it has been over a month! Nearly every square has been planted. There are three outstanding plantings that still need to go in for summer – a square each of cilantro, basil and a re-plant (#3) of cucumber seeds. Since my last post I have added the following: Strawberry transplants, 2 types of lavender transplants, Edamame from seed, zucchini from seed, Romano bush beans from seed – all of which have sprouted, also 2 tomato transplants and an eggplant transplant. I also planted some mint in a separate pot (I heard it has a tendency to spread). Mojitos anyone??

I constructed a simple trellis out of PVC and twine and the sugar snap peas I planted over 2 months ago are winding their way up it. I have harvested 2 rounds of radishes, some chard and a few heads of lettuce. A new garden phenomena – pests! Some of my greens have been munched! Including the second planting of cucumber sprouts. There also appears to be a squirrel that is fond of the garden. I have found several walnuts that the squirrel buried in the garden – one even sprouted. It would be fun to grow a walnut tree but I’m afraid it would crowd out the carrots. I will try to get the photos posted in the next week.