Gardening Bug

by Rainbow Bobbins

Last week I received a copy of the Territorial Seed Company Spring 2008 catalog in the mail. It inspired me to think about my square foot garden which has been tucked away under a layer of crimson clover and rye grass and neglected since October. But February is approaching – pea planting month – and I’m starting to get excited about working on the garden again. Here’s what I’m thinking for the month of February: Mid February – work the rye grass and clover into the soil, add compost and to-be-determined soil amendments. Plant flowers(?) plant peas. March —  plant radishes, lettuce, cabbage. April – plant beets, carrots, chard, transplant broccoli. In May I will plant herbs and flowers in their dedicated square. Early June I will plant tomatoes and eggplant. I have poured over the Territorial Seed Company catalog and have selected the following items to plant:

Shelling Peas — “Plant these 3 shelling varieties at the same time and harvest fresh peas for the kitchen over a 2–3 week period. Consists of 3 packets, 1 each of Oregon Pioneer, Alderman, and Galena.”

Beets – Kestrel Organic

Eggplant – Dusky. I was very impressed with this eggplant. This last summer was not a warm one but these Dusky eggplants thrived and produced tasty, good-sized eggplants. Yum! This yea I am going to try the Fairy Tale Eggplant too.

more to come..

Meanwhile here are some goofy garden plans:Garden planning