2008 Square foot garden kick off

by Rainbow Bobbins

This weekend I dove back into the the squarefoot gardening. I’m starting with the one bed that gets the most light. I planted 3 squares of peas – Alderman and Oregon Trail from Territorial Seed Co. I put in 1/2 bed of scallions and trimmed back any brown parts off my strawberry plants that went in last year. Next weekend I will plant 3 squares of lettuce – Pom Pom loose leaf lettuce and Red Sails from Territorial seed company. I planted Red Sails last year and am a big fan. The Red Sails lettuce grew large, tasty heads and kept me in fresh salad base through July. I also tried Tom Thumb butterhead from TSC last year but it did not perform well in my garden — very slow to grow with a low germination rate. To prepare the bed I turned in the rye grass I used to over winter, added compost, bone meal and a general fertilizer. I will post pics soon.