Square Foot Garden: Update April 2008

by Rainbow Bobbins

At last the garden is starting to take off and look healthy. We have had a cold spring here in Oregon. The sun peeped out for one glorious day this weekend and I was reminded how a little sunshine goes a long way with plants. The peas, which I planted back in early March, are FINALLY starting to make some headway. Nearly 6 weeks after planting, the strongest of the pea shoots stands at nearly 3 inches. Next weekend I will put up my PVC trellis and some twine to support their growth. The arugula transplants are starting to thrive. 4 out of 6 of the broccoli transplants look strong and healthy – one became snail food. Its hard for me to tell if the cabbage transplants are doing well – it’s a new crop for me. Aside from a few bites out of the leaves, they seem to be doing alright. Scallions, which I transplanted around the second week of March do not seem so happy. I pulled half of them out and threw in some lettuce seeds of Organic Green Deer Tongue & Pom Pom from Territorial Seed Company. I interplanted the broccoli and cabbage bed with more radishes. This weekend I turned over the crimson clover in the third bed, added some compost and fertilizer and leveled the beds for planting. That bed has 2 lavender plants and a square of oregano bouncing back from winter. I also planted four squares of spinach from seed and one square of carrots. With the weather warming up, the garden should be taking off soon! Next steps: plan for future plantings, order tomato and eggplant transplants from Territorial Seed Company, build an extra raised bed layer for several squares of potatoes. I love fresh potatoes. Any suggestions for what varieties to plant and when – for the Pacific Northwest? Here is the garden layout (minus the carrots which I forgot to add to the chart) as it now stands. Garden layout, click here: April 2008 Garden Layout