by Rainbow Bobbins

What is this animal that poos in my garden? Can it be Bently? The elderly neighbor pug who’s elderly owner is wheel chair bound and thus, not able to chase down his dog and/or access the garden to pick up the doo? Is it the friendly striped cat from across the street who might be too lazy to bury his doings? I don’t like poop on my carrot seedlings. Call me crazy. Between pooping pets and squirrels burying peanuts in my garden its becoming a challenge to get seedlings started. I’m more concerned about the feces rather than the squirrel nuts (I wonder what google search would turn that sentence up) so my first attempt to deter pets from using my square foot garden as a rest stop will be to put a bunch of chopsticks in the beds. Steve has had some success with this method – but also went hi-tech with a cat-deterrent. Does anyone have lo-tech suggestions on how to keep animals from pooping in the garden?