Lyle Cherry Orchard Hike – Washington Gorge

by Rainbow Bobbins

Lyle Cherry Orchard
Distance: Approx. 6.5 miles RT
Elevation 1000 ft (guessing)

Description: Last weekend I went with a group of hikers to Lyle Cherry Orchard on the Washington side of the Columbia river gorge. The was an easy hike with a couple a steep climbs. The wildflowers were out and so was the poison oak! Poison oak everywhere below 1000 ft. and a couple hikers picked ticks off -Yuck. The hike climbs up a gentle hillside and offers great views of the Columbia River, The Dalles, Hood River and the mountain scape beyond. At one time, there was a Cherry Orchard i’m told. All that remains now is a few dying cherry trees that offer up some feeble blooms. Look for the native wildflowers if your looking for blooms. Lots of lupine, wallflowers, shooting stars and a few chocolate lily.
Directions: From Portland, take I-84 east to Hood River. Cross the Hood River Toll Bridge and turn right on Highway 14. Or take the lovely Bridge of the Gods and head up SR14 in Washington. Drive east through the towns of Bingen and Lyle. Just east of Lyle, you’ll drive through two tunnels. The trailhead is the first major turnout east of the tunnels.
Disclaimer: If you plan to go, double check distances and directions — I’m a lazy fact-checker.
Here is the group starting the hike:
Just past the tail head - Lyle Cherry Orchard
Small Valley with wildflowers, poison oak and cliffs that look out over the Columbia River Gorge:


Views, etc.