May 2008 Square Foot Garden Update

by Rainbow Bobbins

Its the never-ending winter. Some signs of Spring are making their claim on this early May.  The temperatures have warmed a bit (are we actually out of the 50s?) and sun will come out to play for brief spells through out the day. Things are starting to look good in the garden.  The oregano and lavender plants are green and healthy. The pea sprouts are disappointingly small — I hope they take off before too long.  They are occupying the spot where I plan to put the tomatoes when they arrive from Territorial Seed Company. Speaking of Territorial Seed Company — I am going to have a chance to visit their facilities (store? greenhouse?) in Cottage Grove next weekend — I have to be in Eugene for work and figure its worth the extra drive — I think they are a great company and their catalog keeps me inspired with the gardening.  Plus, my arugula have bolted and its time to find a replacement crop. Here’s whats happening in the squarefoot garden. Pics to com.

Bed One: 4 squares of spinach planted from seed 4 weeks ago. Status – the seedlings are just beginning to emerge. 1 square oregano.  Status: The oregano was planted last year and is starting to grow beyond its square.  It seems very happy. Lots of new growth.  1 Square carrot. Status: Carrot planted from seed 3 weeks ago, then dug up and scattered by a squirrel, the first little shoots are just starting to appear but not in neat little rows! 2 squares lavender – both planted last year, the lavenders are a lovely green and have good new growth as Spring rolls out. That leaves 8 squares unplanted – 6 of these I plan to use for potato and the other 2 for chard.

Bed Two: 4 squares peas – growing slowly but surely. 1 square lettuce – planted from seed about two weeks ago.  No sprouts. 5 squares broccoli – just starting to form the curd or crown or what ever you call it. 6 squares cabbage – a mixed variety planted as transplants about 6-7 weeks ago – growth is really starting to take off.

Bed Three: 4 squares strawberries – huge plants planted as transplants last year. Lots of flowers. Very happy and much larger than last year. 3 squares peas – growing slowly but surely. 6 squares arugula – bolted already.  I’m pulling these out and will replace with something…not sure what. 2 squares lettuce – planted from seed about 2 weeks ago. Just starting to send up sprouts. 1 square scallions – one of the first things I put in.  They do not seem very happy.