Aquarium Update 5.20.08

by Rainbow Bobbins

Very exciting news in my planted freshwater tropical tank… the male Gourami has built a bubble nest! Now if he can get a lady to give up some eggs there might be a cool show to watch in the tank over the next few days. Basically it will be a fry buffet for the other members of the tank but wouldn’t it be fun if one of them managed to survive? I will take some photos of the bubble nest soon but until then here are some shots of the tank progress:

I do not have any shots of the tank after I first got it but here is a shot after I added the drift wood and the first two plants. The community was the same as when I inherited it only I had swaped the pictus for 8 striped barbs:

Aquarium - starting the makeover

Here is my tank with the new plants – including giant baby tears and the new fish: 3 powder blue gouramis.

Here is the bichir that D has named “Porkchop”

I like him

Porkchop in the right foreground with two of the Powder Blue Gouramis

Bichir on right with two gourami