Falls Creek Falls – At last

by Rainbow Bobbins

Finally made it on this hike and it was LOVELY. I’d tried going on this hike before.  Once it was snowed in and once I missed the turn and ended up heading on down the Wind River Hwy and on to another adventure.  This is a mellow and pretty hike along a rushing creek/river. (Rushing in May after a heat wave) The hike ends at what was a large raging waterfall with a perfect spot to sit and picnic just above its churning base. The hike is a very gradual up-hill and is perfect for people who like to get outdoors but are not in the mood for something grueling or do not have time for a long hike. We happened to catch it on an absolutely spectacular day and only saw two other couples on the entire trail.  I think this trail must get heavy use on the weekends.  I would advise to go early or go during the week to avoid any crowds — one of the most relaxing and rewarding hikes I’ve been on since I moved to Oregon but maybe it was just my mood.  One way to make a fun day trip out of this hike is to book a massage and hottub soak at the nearby Carson Hot Springs for after your hike.

Hike: Falls Creek Falls near Carson, WA

Distance: 3.4 Miles out and back on an often flat to gradually sloping incline. The trail follows a river and ends at an impressive waterfall.  Lots of opportunities to stop and picnic, including great rock seating near the falls.

Directions – I almost don’t want to say.  Its easy to find online. easy to find by car. Wind River Hwy just past carson fish hatchery to road 3062 (I think) then right on road 57.  There are signs.

The Falls:

There were many wildflowers along the path including Trillium, little purple flowers (?) and lots of pretty pink orchids.