2009 Square Foot Garden Vol. 1

by Rainbow Bobbins

Time again for the garden bug. The first day of spring is still 26 days away and I’m starting to wear out my seed catalogs picking out goodies for the garden. In January I tilled the soil, trimmed back the strawberry plants, added some soil, sprinkled on some complete fertilizer and bone meal. Thank goodness for Peas – they give you something to plant in the garden in February (at least in my neck of the woods in PacNW). On Feb. 22 I planted peas. This year I planted 7 squares in two beds of Alderman Peas and Oregon Trail Peas that I ordered from Territorial Seed Company. Both are shelling pea varieties that taste delicious in a cold pasta salad with shredded carrot and arugula or just on their own as snack. Based on last year’s results, I am giving up on cabbage and cauliflower for this year. They never produced for me. I will be experimenting with an extended raised bed for nantes carrots and using the same ‘double decker’ box to raise the bed for potatoes. More to come.