Local road trip: PDX>Molalla>Woodburn>Oregon City

by Rainbow Bobbins

The sun was out and Kenya called to say he was in the mood to get out of town, but just a little out of town. We headed out of PDX in the afternoon and took the 213 to the city of Molalla — basically just out to explore and take in the country side. The cherry trees are in bloom and this area of Oregon is know for its many greenhouses and fields of spring flowers. It was lovely out – we found ourselves in Molalla drinking in the cowboy culture (lots of western styling in this small town – including apparel from “Spurs”, a few saloons and a feed store anchored next to a classic ladies’ salon. The plastic flowers and lawn chairs adorning the front of the salon signals a hotspot for Molalla gossip sessions). We stopped off at the Molalla historical society which was closed but features two old homes: The Dibble House built in 1856 by Oregon Trail pioneers and the Vonder Ahe House built in 1869 and moved to its current location from a nearby town in 1972. We peeked through some windows – the kitchens were great: large stoves, etc. I would love to snoop around when it is open — maybe for the annual antique toy show in March.

One strange item to note with the Vonder Ahe house is that it was covered in flies near the top left window. Kenya noticed this and pointed out – ‘something is not right in there’ — maybe its a good thing its locked up for now…the flies were creepy.
Vonder Ahe House built 1869:

After visiting the infested old houses, we headed over to a cafe/saloon for food — Below is a pic of Kenya reviewing the menu and accompanying reading materials which included “10 signs that you are a red neck” and Will Roger quotes and wisdoms > one of which I will share: “Don’t kick a cow chip on a hot day”
Kenya: having learned about cow chip protocol, prepares to order:

After lunch we caught up with the 211 headed southwest to Woodburn. Along the way we passed the tulip farm which we are visiting soon when the blooms are out with Molly and Tony. We also passed a menonite woman mowing the lawn, buffalo, many green houses including a lovely facility which we stopped in. It was so warm and dank inside – I loved it.


Overall a great day of exploring — mellow country time.