Square Foot Garden Update 4.2009

by Rainbow Bobbins

Update on the square foot garden:
Bed One: Flowers and Herbs.
This year bed one will have herbs and summer bulbs. Herbs that were planted in the previous year(s) are starting to come back including 2 lavender bushes, oregano, chives, thyme. I will be planting some summer bulbs in two weeks.

Bed Two: Bed two has strawberry plants from last year, coming back with healthy green growth. I also added Chard and arugula and a few squares of Oregon trail peas which I planted mid feb and are just starting to come up.

Bed three: Last week I planted seeds in bed 3 with 4 squares of peas, 2 squares carrot, 4 squares lettuce and the remainder squares will be planted with potatoes. I am setting up a bed extender for the potatoes so I can bury them as the greens grow. Can’t wait for everything to take off. We are starting to see the first of the sunny days in the PacNW but no surprises if we still get hail storms. Its fun to see everything begin to grow and bloom. Pics here.