Girls Weekend ’09

by Rainbow Bobbins

It was so good to see my girls. I miss them like the dickens and this year they came from all parts of the west to get together for some smack talk’n gossip healing session bitch fest shenanigans. Everyone did manage to keep their top on this year. Oh age… We gathered at LW’s cabin in the Sierra foothills next to a big lake. The first night we drank margaritas and snacked on baklava, tostadas, hummus, peanut m&ms, an assortment of Trader Joes snacks, talked about Michael Jackson, men in general, hermaphrodites, Doing it, Wyoming, Jazzercize, the passing of time, new adventures, travel plans, the next city, career moves, food, anatomy issues, had a fashion show, looked at pictures of us from 6th-12th grade, had a clothing swap, a buffet of greens and a dance session. The next day we headed out on the Lake, floating in the Sierras, blasting tunes, drinking beers, going for swims and floats on inflatables — truly lovely…these are the moments I live for. Okay, so our girls weekends are getting mellower…I feel so thankful to have this time with my closest friends…I love them a ton. Some snaps:

Ap at the wheelLeaatthehelmCourt likes to go fastAphottieSymphgoesartsyLiz and Lea have a momentwhattodowithbananas