Road Trip > California > Casa De Fruta

by Rainbow Bobbins

Casa de Fruta

Casa de Fruta is a roadside oasis that began in 1908 as a humble stand selling goods from their orchards. They now dub themselves as a “Roadside Orchard Resort” and boast buildings filled with fruit, nuts, strands of braided garlic, bins of candy, local citrus, wine tasting, bathrooms, antique farm equipment, gas station, RV hookups, a miniature train, pounds of salt water taffy, a two-story carousel, ponds with ducks, a café that serves buffalo burgers. There is probably a petting zoo somewhere. It’s the story of car culture and the American Dream, baby!

Casa de Fruta Entertainment

Casa de Fruta

Old farm stuff - Casa de Fruta

John Deer Wheel

And next time, Char, we ride the train ya hear?!