Road Trip > San Francisco > Clover Coffee at Ritual

by Rainbow Bobbins

Char and I stopped off at Ritual Roasters in San Francisco to take a test spin on the Clover Coffee Machine. This is a $11,000 wonder of a coffee maker that we’d heard a lot about — we wanted to try one of the Clovers that had not been bought up by Starbucks so we paid something like $5 a cup for some fancy coffee at Ritual and ….shrug. We just got suckered into paying too much for coffee. I think we would be more impressed if we had Stumptown beans in the Clover machine – my tastebuds are loyal to the hometown roaster.  Conclusion: to my unrefined palate, the Clover coffee making method is not an improvement over my boiled water, funnel, filter set up at home. Maybe one more test with a Stumptown-based Clover brew will round out the experiment.

Clover Coffee Machine at Ritual