Things to do: Western Alpaca Extravaganza

by Rainbow Bobbins

Char and I attended the Western Alpaca Extravaganza in Clark County. Some things we learned:

A. Alpacas do not like to be alone
B. People raise long haired guinea pigs for their hair and then use it to make socks
C. Alpacas are pregnant for 11-12 months
D. Alpacas are chewing constantly, under that fur they must have a jaw like Kimber Peters from 7th grade PE class – her maw looked like it could recycle metal
E. Alpaca owners are kind of like “cat people” only less weird and more friendly
F. Did you know that Alpacas can die of loneliness? That’s how they get ya. Before you know it you have a herd of 30.
G. Alpaca noises sound like softly crying babies

One thing we already knew but was reinforced by our visit is that Alpacas are cute! See:

I have no idea how they got them in

Buck Toof Brownie

Smile ladies


This will go above my mantle