Road Trip > Oregon > John Day River

by Rainbow Bobbins

To celebrate the coming of summer Char and I headed out to the John Day wilderness and river for a float trip. This was an amazing trip and the furthest east either of us have been in Oregon.  The climate is high desert with some scattered pines. The hills still had a touch of green from the late rains and the John Day river was flowing. The entire trip down the river we only saw 2 other parties – most of the time we were on our own on the lazy river.  Paradise. We camped at Bear Hollow Park then headed to Service Creek Stag Stop for pancakes and rafts. Service Creek Stage Stop is an Oregon treasure. Good people, good cakes, good rafts. I will return.

The wind generators are huge up close - there were fields of them south of The Dalles

We camped at Bear Hollow south of Fossil, Or. Camping Kabobs. Yum

The lovely John Day river

Raft and Sandy Beaches

Lewis and Clark

Boat Power

The water was chilly but not too bad considering it is fresh melt off of 'Hood