Road Trip > Oregon > Timothy Lake

by Rainbow Bobbins

This week we circumnavigated Mt. Hood with a 3 day camping layover at Timothy Lake — Heavenly. Slow mornings with coffee and the crossword, floats on Timothy Lake, walks around the river, a side trip to Little Crater Lake, Govy Camp, Cobra Dogs and Ski Bowl’s adventure park which is for people 1/3 my size. At ski bowl I did flips on a trampoline, rolled down the alpine slide and innertubed down a mountain.  Evenings were spent BBQing, poking at fire, playing banana grams & dominoes. We approached the mountain from the west, circled around it from the south and wound up cruising the Hwy 35 fruit loop for pie, jam & mustard before hitting Hood River and heading back West. Some snaps:

Mt. Hood above Timothy Lake

Lots of flowers around the lake - I think this is called something like Bear Grass

Can you see the tip-top of Mt. Hood?

Its no yacht but it's living large

We took a side trip to little crater lake -- created by a natural spring, the water stays at about 34 degrees -- you can see 40ft down.

There were tadpoles in little crater lake

Sunset on the Lake

The sky was changing every few seconds

This is about the time of night when the fishermen were pulling in their Crayfish traps