Roadtrip>Union, Oregon

by Rainbow Bobbins

We headed southeast from Pendleton to visit Union, Oregon. Union is located 10miles from La Grande — it is a small town that used to be along the Oregon Trail. Now it is a tiny town with buildings dating back to the 1890s. There is a old hotel of this era that rents out unique rooms at an affordable rate: The Historic Union Hotel. BTW there is a Kenny Rogers room. Down the street is Brewski’s – a brew pub with live music and a fun crowd. Near Union is the town of Cove which boast a hot spring pool and an annual dutch oven cook off. Also nearby is Hot Lake Springs — a natural spring that gushes out over 300 gallons of 200 degree water each and everyday. The site over the years has hosted Indian tribes, a tourist destination, a hospital,  been and abandoned and is now the pet restoration project of  bronze artist David Manuel.

Historic Union Hotel > Union, Oregon

Hot Lake Springs Resort -- Soon this will be a B&B and museum

Old Barn near Hot Lake Springs

Part of bronze artist David Manuel's studio -- Here is where he creates his was molds

David Manuel's studio at Hot Lake Springs

Bronze sculpture from Dave Manuel's studio - pre-patina

Dave's sculptures after patina