Road Trip > Buhl, Idaho > Miracle Hot Springs Resort

by Rainbow Bobbins

We cut out of Boise, Idaho fairly early to head over to Miracle Hot Springs outside of Buhl, Idaho. This little gem boasts natural hot spring tubs, massage, geodesic dome accommodations and alligators –in a down home kinda way vs. a palm springs bling kinda way. One minute I was floating in the pool on my own, an hour later there is a gaggle of boy scouts playing Marco Polo in the pool and snacking on bowls of oatmeal. ? There are also dinosaur bones nearby. Aside from the pool games this spot is a road trip holy land. The surrounding area is farm country and was refreshingly green after a stretch of boring Southern Idaho desert. Miracle Hot Springs rents out domes and has a larger party dome for groups, there is a public pool along with private soaking tubs. If you pass through this area I highly recommend stopping by the Cloverleaf Creamery in Buhl — they make delicious ice cream, fresh butter and jalapeno curds. From what I understand, Cloverleaf is a small dairy farm that is organic, local and family owned and operated.  Some pictures:

CloverLeaf Creamery: Fresh butter, yummy curds and ice cream.

Geodesic Dome Room at Miracle Hot Springs outside of Buhl, Idaho

They provide bbqs for the domes

Inside the dome

Natural hotspring at Miracle Hot Springs. The pool is drained and refilled every night