Road Trip > Butte, Montana

by Rainbow Bobbins

I want to spend a couple of months in Butte, Montana. This place has a fascinating history. When I asked a Montana native what to see in Western Montana they suggested the Berkeley Pit Superfund Site. Ya, thanks… do they have pina coladas with umbrellas? It didn’t sound like a vacation destination. But it turns out Butte has roller coaster of a history – a story of incredible wealth, poverty, creation, destruction, extraction and corruption. The town exists now as half a ghost town with echos of wealthy, populated past and the bones of a sparse working class community. Well, that’s what I imagined and gleaned from the locals in my 28 hours there anyway. Which is why I want to go back and learn more and explore. The relics in this town are amazing to a west coaster who rarely sees a building built before the 1900s. Didn’t have much time to explore with the camera but here are a few snaps:


Berkeley Pit. One of the natives told me there is thousands of miles of tunnels underground. 1,000,000,000 tons of material was mined from the pit What?



Surrounding the pit are ramshackle buildings



Downtown Butte -- I'm coming back to roam around for hours



Door of the Salvation Army in Butte



I was told open containers are allowed on the streets of Butte and thousands come to celebrate St. Patty's Day. There is also an Evel Kneivel Day - Road Trip!



Cool old signage all over town



Lots of fading murals from some boom time