Road Trip > Montana > Lewis and Clark Caves

by Rainbow Bobbins

Lewis and Clark Caverns are really cool. We had some screaming, possessed toddlers on the tour – obnoxious.  Go chase bats down a dark fissure. But otherwise the cave was amazing – highly recommended.


These pictures don't to it justice. It takes a long time for these stalagmites to form. We hung back to listen to the sounds of the cave -- echos of soft dripping sounds, and the shrieks of young devils



Cool formations. They turn the lights out at one point -- dark, dark, dark and then Rosemary's baby howls for his mother.



Stalactites. The guide kept on pointing out animal figures and making up stories about their lives in the caves. Rocks and minerals, buddy. As he points out a toad, some young rough beast wails and the blood-dimmed tide is loosed.


Despite the audio, we had fun.