Road Trip > Santa Barbara > Downtown

by Rainbow Bobbins

I spent an afternoon wandering around downtown Santa Barbara – stopping for coffee on State Street, for beer on the patio at Elsie’s Tavern and for a big salad at Sojourner Cafe. I also stopped for a Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt – I had heard a lot of hype about it — I have to say it was really tasty. I had a coconut frozen yogurt with granola, honey and pomegranate syrup – interesting and sourly sweet and crunchy. It wasn’t all about food. I stopped in at a few antique shops, hung out at Alice Keck park which has an amazing collection of trees, checked out the courthouse and the old presidio. Some pics from around town:

Cafe on State Street - Good place to read the paper

The patio at Elsies Tavern

Plant/Wall/Face with gold toof at Elsie's Tavern

The hillscape from SB downtown

More views of the hills from the downtown stroll

Victor the Florist has a great building and that chick has a fun bug

The Presidio Downtown


Drugged looking wig stands in Santa Barbara shop window

Santa Barbara Theater