Road Trip > Solvang, Ca

by Rainbow Bobbins

To kick off the northern journey of my road trip, Jon joined me for breakfast at Paula’s Pancake House in Solvang, Ca. Solvang is a quirky little town that is a hot spot if you are into clocks, Danish pastries and um…horses. Oh ya, and windmills. I’ve driven past it for years – it was nice to stop and check it out.

There are about 3 of these big windmills scattered around town

Paula's Pancake House with Jon

There are an unsupportable number of Danish pastry shops in this small town. Who is eating all of these creations? Maybe they give the left overs to Holiday Inn for their continental breakfasts.

Another Danish bakery. Geez.

After Solvang I went to visit Jon's work and to check out their new digs. I took this picture in his lab -- can you guess what they do? Here's a hint: this stuff is edible.