Road Trip > Cambria, Ca Coast > Beach walks

by Rainbow Bobbins

Below are a few shots from various coastal strolls while in Cambria, CA. We took a fun side trip to visit the Elephant Seals in San Simeon. They are huge, jabba the hut-like creatures that use rippling blubber momentum to propel themselves around the beach. The males are huge – they can weigh up to 6,000lbs!! They don’t seem to look where they are going and will shuffle right over a seal pub — which might explain all the turkey vultures hanging out and snacking on small seal carcasses. A couple of the big guys got in a flight which was Craaazy – whacking each other in the face with their heads. There were a few hundred seals on the beach.

Looks a little cute but wouldn't want get close

Misty walk with the folks along Fiscalini Ranch

California Poppy - on the cliff above the beach


Spider web silhouette - my dad took this pic

More silhouettes from a misty coast walk

Sea rockscape with gulls and blooming iceplant

End of a good day