Road Trip > Hearst Castle – revisit

by Rainbow Bobbins

While on the coast I went back to Hearst Castle to visit a wing I haven’t seen before. This tour took us through the dining room, the big living room, through the theater and past some bedrooms. Actually for such a large over the top compound, the bathrooms are surprisingly small and austere. Once again I was struck by how lonely & creepy it would be to live here. I learned Mr. Hearst had a staff of 100 at the castle and only lived there 6 -8 weeks out of the year. Geez. As you can see, it was misty on the hill on the day we were there. This tour seemed rushed and it was a challenge to take in all the detail. I wimped out on jumping in the pool. Next trip…I’ll plan it so I can get out of the pool and into the slammer then out in time for my flight. Some snaps:

Hearst Castle Dining Room

Lights in the theater

The outdoor pool

Hearst indoor pool - site of planned illicit swim