Road Trip > Pismo, CA > Symphony and Gang

by Rainbow Bobbins

I headed south from Cambria, CA to Pismo, CA to visit Symphony, Noah, Hailey and Zoe. I had so much fun hanging out with them. Symphony and I got some girl time in and we hung with the family — swinging on the beach, finding shells. We went to Me & Ed’s for pizza and had a massive ice cream sunday fest with butterfinger, gummie bears, marshmellow fluff. We laid around on the living room floor with the dog and me and the kids all napped. I love these guys. Hailey and Zoe were kind enough to let me stay in their room where their mom has hung a masterpiece of bow head toppings – pic below.

Zoe, Hailey, Noah, Symphony at Me & Ed's

The girls at the beach

This is my idea of a good time - beach front swings

Symph works full time and goes to school for her masters yet still has time to make bows for her girls' hair and then create this bow-dress storage system. Whoa girl.