All Summer in a Day

by Rainbow Bobbins

I’ve found that when living in the Pacific Northwest I start to go a little nut-o around this time of the year due to lack of sun. People start shedding scarfs and talking of bbqs – but it is still raining out. It’s cold enough that you can still go boarding at Mt. Hood Meadows. You can’t play softball yet ’cause they won’t let you on soggy fields. My legs are still in dark tights. And people won’t shut up about the weather. But we are anxious…we see tulips and cherry trees blooming. We know the dark days are coming to a close and for three glorious months we will know what it is to be warmed by the sun, to drink beer in shorts and bikinis into the wee hours, to float the rivers without freezing and we will need, really need, things like sunglasses and sunscreen. I think often about the Ray Bradbury short story and movie – “All Summer in a Day“. I am in my closet waiting for that ray of sun to sneak in under the door on onto my finger tips.