Bike Ride > Woodland Tulip Farm Loop

by Rainbow Bobbins

This ride kicked my butt. It was only 27 miles so I thought I could do it with out eating much or drinking water. That was dumb. There were some big hills on this ride (for me at least) and we rode oh-so-slow. But aside from hunger; dehydration; all the bitching while I walked my bike up a steep hill; and the country dogs who tried to chew my tires off — it was a peaceful ride with a great downhill finish through a fern-filled canyon. The loop or loops (I felt like I was riding in big circles) was light on traffic and big on scenery. The ride started out from Holland American Bulb Farms in Washington which was in full bloom and decked out for Easter. We cruised along horseshoe lake and over to La Center; past the casino and westward to the country side. I was unable to find a good bike map via googles but maybe I’ll post the bike route Heather came up with when I feel like spending more time in front of a glowing screen. Update: HERE  is a link to the meet up with the bike route and HERE is the basic route and elevation.

Woodland Tulip Farm - Start of the Ride

Green country side. It was raining por supuesto

Mailboxes live a rough life in the country. The one on the left has bb gun dents, the one on the right has a cage of armor and the one in the center is straight up smashed

Post ride - tires are still smoking and I'm about to eat some tulips I'm so hungry

Woodland Tulip Farm has a great selection of tulips - some hairy and variegated varieties. They were decked out for Easter.