To Do> Lan Su Chinese Garden> Portland, OR

by Rainbow Bobbins

At last, that glowing ball in the sky has returned for brief visits. fine.A.lee. During one spell of sun I took a trip to Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Old Town Chinatown in Portland. This is a sweet spot – worth getting a guided tour to tell you about how they snagged trees out of yards around town and brought some great old river rocks over from China.

Exterior wall of Lan Su Garden

One of those old river rocks standing to the left

Getting to be the glowy hour. Nice colors, more river rock

The Garden 'rooms' are connected by cool keyhole doorways

I only write captions 'cause I like the boarder around the pictures

Twisty branches

Each window has a different pattern of some significance - actually, I didn't notice it until just now but this looks a little nazi -- or maybe it's the 'sun wheel' of the bronze age