Maui> Day 2 & 3 > Road to Hana

by Rainbow Bobbins

On Thursday we borrowed Judy’s car and headed out to Hana for a camping trip. Along the way we stopped and picked up banana bread at a roadside stand – I forget the name but it was the best banana bread I’ve ever had. Robin and Scooby joined us and we picked up Staci in Twin Falls. Hana is stunning. Incredibly lush. One of the best camping trips of my life. We stayed at Kipahulu campground. We flew kites, drank beers, relaxed on the cliff overlooking the ocean. In the morning I woke up to watch the sunrise over the ocean – something I don’t get to see too often as a west coast girl.

Lava rock beach on the way to Hana - the good banana bread was near here.

Puffy Rainbow in flight in Hana

Camping, drinking, snacking, talking

Up early to watch the sun rise

It was peaceful - I was alone aside from Scooby Dog who got up early to join me

We folded up camp and headed to Haleakala National park to take a dunk in Waimoku Falls. The 3 mile hike has an inspiring array of vegetation, several pools and caverns for swimming and includes a trek through a quiet bamboo forest. Scooby is a great hiker and joined us for the journey despite being banned. The trail culminated at Waimoku Falls – gushing from 400 feet above in to a mossy basin. Standing under the falls was invigorating and intimidating. Yar!

Bamboo forest near Waimoku Falls - I've never hiked in anything like it.

The pools above a small waterfall - you can see out to the ocean

Waimoku Falls - One of the coolest hikes I've been on.

Going to get renewed under the waterfall

Hiking in flip flops

After the falls we stopped in Hana at a Thai Food stand then spend some quality time lounging on the red sand and black sand beaches. On the way home we brushed against a guard rail – whoops. Sorry Judy! The road to Hana is twisty. We stopped off at Robin’s friend Todd’s place to visit his land and the Om Dome – a hollow globe you crawl into and listen to your voice echo. Back in Lahaina Liz and I crashed out at 10:00 knowing we would be getting up in a few hours to head to Haleakala (House of the Sun) – the big West Maui volcano.

Black Rock Beach - Hana

Me and Ms. Lizzy in Hawaii - Yay!

Scooby smiling on the beach

Flowers in the waters

Liz and Staci

Black beach - wear your flops this stuff is sharp!