Maui > Day 5 > under water

by Rainbow Bobbins

Early to rise again – Liz headed out to paddle practice and I went for a dive with Maui Dive Shop and a handsome, tan, fit dive instructor. People are beautiful here. The real eye candy is underwater – our first dive was at the Mala Wharf site. I wish I had pictures..I was too cheap to buy them from the dive master. I swam with some big turtles, and in a school of fish. There were fish of all colors including one parrot fish that was particularly large and pretty. Then we saw a shark – a very shy white tipped shark who swam off quickly. The second dive was at Black Rock where I saw a second shark – I chased it. That was weird. Not aggressive chasing…I just wanted to see a bit more. It was slightly smaller than me. I saw a big yellow and a big blue puffer fish and several small black and white ones – they are so charming. I met back up with Liz and we rounded out the day with a swim in Napili Bay for sunset and the word of the day: Makani >wind. After sunset we had dinner at Longies where Liz makes mean desserts & breads – latter we met up with Robin and Scooby for drinks on the lanai. Good times, great people.

Parrot Fish - I saw some like this. Photo by Bemep

I saw at least 10 turtles. Some of them were HUGE. Photo by FredSharples

Liz, Robin & Scooby