Maui > Day 6 > West Side

by Rainbow Bobbins

Up early for mini road trip out to West Maui– Robin drove and Scooby joined us. We stopped in the morning to snorkel Honolua Bay. More turtles, lovely fish and my first eel.

Sign at the beginning of the trek to Honolua Bay

It is a lovely little hike to Honolua Bay - Robin swings from a vine

Honolua Bay - Swim out a spell to see some sealife - no sunscreen permitted

Beach Rooster

After snorkeling we headed to Auntie Lorraine’s in Kahakuloa – a sweet little village off a small windy road. Here is a tip: Auntie Lorraine makes the best damn banana cream pie. Get some – its cool, delicious and you can sit in her lovely back yard and eat banana cream pie while looking at the ocean. Bliss.

Auntie Lorraines backyard - where we sit and eat banana cream pie

Liz at Lorraines with shave ice

From there we stopped off at a couple of galleries, trekked by the West Maui hills and headed homeward for a night dive at Black Rock.

Scooby with some sculptures at the Turnbull Studios

Some heads laying around the Turnbull Studio

At black rock we were armed with flashlights as we descended into dark waters. There were turtles snoozing, a couple swimming that I almost ran into. I saw a crab and an eel fighting over a sea urchin. There were lovely pale lobsters and one flamboyant purple and orange one. Gorgeous crabs and eels of many colors. Oh and fish – I saw a very large school darting quickly around the water. When we surfaced our dive leader said he saw a very large 8ft shark chasing that school of fish but he did not want to point it out in case it would make us nervous. I’m am glad I did not see that one…life is different under the sea at night when you only have a flashlight. No shark chasing this dive. When we got back to Liz and Robin’s place, Liz busted out the glue guns and magnets and we sat on the lanai making crafts from shells and coral we picked up in Hana.