To Do: MFA Student Thesis Show

by Rainbow Bobbins

Lately for work I’ve found myself at a few student art shows. I’m fond of student shows ‘cause they generally have a wide variety of arty what-nots and a fun crowd. From what I could gather at these shows, emerging trends in art include: rogue knitting; gut productions – generally scattered and in 3-D; deconstructed furniture; reconstructed cardboard; stuffed animal mutilation; odes to the eighties in the form of gaudy oversized objects. Many of these students were not even born in the 80s…so I guess it’s a DadaGagaMadonna movement. But you know what? There was not one robotic; bio-feedback; audio installation; interactive; mechanical-crowd-control or dangerous piece at any of the shows I went to. I thought these well nourished digital natives would have something more off the wall. Where are the students working on controlling high current inductive loads, telerobotics, skin graphs and explosions? Here are a few snaps of some favorites from the UO MFA Thesis show at Disjecta: *I did not get the names of the artists….shoot.

Assorted guts in piles

Assorted guts in piles

Bunny Mouth

Flat Teddy Bubble Wrap - I liked him

Giant Goody clip with embellishments - I have smaller versions scattered through out my house


Burnt furniture installation