Road Trip > Long Beach, WA > 2011 > Part 2

by Rainbow Bobbins

On Sunday Heather and I headed out on the Discovery Bike Path in Cape Disappointment and followed it through the woods, to the beach, along the coast then caught the road to Oysterville. About 20 miles total. We ate clams in Oysterville…just kidding. Of course we ate raw oysters and had some Ninkasi IPA.

Me 'n Heather at the Bronze Tree along the Long Beach Discovery Trail

Oysters and Beer on Willapa Bay

I have a crush on this area. It is a sleepy little beach town with fun beaches, some surfing opportunities, great road biking. There are Oyster farms; cranberries; coastal sanctuaries; cemeteries dating back to the late 1800s; a two headed cow;  some cool murals; a kickass bridge that spans the mouth of the Columbia River; an alligator man, an airstream hotel; lighthousesa kite museum; razor clams and great PacWest sunsets:

Beach stop 1

Beach stop 2

Beach stop 3 - I was working my way south

Beach stop 4