Road Trip > Olympic Peninsula > Day One

by Rainbow Bobbins

Brown Creek Campground

This past weekend Heather and I headed north to go exploring around the Olympic Peninsula. We left after work on Friday and headed out to Brown Creek Campground…by the time we neared the peninsula the sun had set and we found ourselves on dirt logging roads with alternating landscapes of clear cut and dense dark forest growth.  The week before while in Chicago Heather had found an old boot leg tape of the Grateful Dead playing in Portland in 1974 – we listened to that over bumpy dirt roads and called on Jerry to guide us to a campsite without getting stuck or eaten by bears. Jerry made it so.

Eggs from the yard chickens, beets, onions, kale, potatoes all from local farm. Good eats. Heather gets all Betty Crocker camper style.

We found a lovely spot at Brown Creek Campground and made fire and drank Sessions before calling it a night. The sun was blazing in the morning and Heather cooked up fried potatoes and beets with a kale-onion-egg scramble – all fresh from the CSA box. Served with Stumptown Coffee. YUM.

Biking the Olympic Discovery Trail between Sequim, Wa and Port Angeles, WA

After a leisurely morning we headed north to Sequim to ride the Olympic Discovery Trail. We didn’t make it too far but I look forward to riding more of this path – especially as they work westward to complete the trail which will eventually stretch 150 or so miles to Forks.

Lake Crescent

After the ride we headed past Lake Crescent to the Hoh Rainforest at Olympic National Park. We stayed at a funky campsite at the Hard Rain Café. We made fire and smores until it started raining. Then pouring. Geez, they weren’t joking…Rain Forest/Hard Rain Café…this area is, uh, moist.