Road Trip > Olympic Peninsula > Day Two

by Rainbow Bobbins

After a night of sleeping to pouring rain we awoke to the sun. Thanks Jerry. We met up with Andy of Rain Forest Paddlers and headed to the Hoh River put-in with our kayaks. The Hoh River is a milky grey blue color due to the rock flour created by tiny clay particles formed as rocks grinds from the movement of the glacier against bedrock. We spotted a couple of bald eagles and navigated some minor rapids. Early in the trip we pulled over to check out a waterfall and swim under its flow.

Hoh River > Olympic National Park

Swimming in the falls off of the Hoh River

Kayaking was followed by some lounging in sun, lunch and a hike along the Hoh River Trail. The trail is lovely…also an inspiration for future trip to backpack to the glacier (about 17 miles). Along the trail I encountered my spirit animal: a baby Olympic Shrew. He could fit on a quarter and was snacking on slug guts. My camera pooped out after taking this picture of a slug so I don’t have documentation of just how cute this oblivious little shrew was.  But here are some fun shrew facts:

  • They are total loners
  • They have the highest brain to body mass of all animals
  • They are venomous – They inject poison through their teeth which is powerful enough to kill 200 mice.
  • They are the only terrestrial animals that echolocate (we saw how well that worked)
  • Their venom is being used to develop cures to ovarian cancer and neuromuscular diseases.

Thanks wiki

Death Metal Slug. On our rambles through Olympic National Park

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Amazing trip.