Caught in the act > Filching feline with a flip-flop fetish

by Rainbow Bobbins

Recently I’ve been noticing random flip-flops accumulating on the side of my house. Usually the flip flop has no mate and so far it’s always flip-flops aside from one lone Croc. I assumed these were the discarded footwear of my neighbor kids who had kicked them off during a game of tag. There are 7 kids total in that family so I did not think it too odd that they would occasionally shed some shoes in my yard during summer. Then late last night as I took the trash out, the neighbor’s aggressively affectionate cat ran by me with a flip flop in its mouth and deposited it on the side of my house. Who knows how many people in my neighborhood are missing a single flip flop thanks to this cat. When I went out this morning there were two more flip-flops including a white, foam platform variety. That is a lot for a cat to carry. A filching feline with a flip-flop fetish caught in the act:

The thief with his booty - see his eyes glowing as he tries to hide behind the neighbor's house?

One of the many missing

The cat in question. Guity or just an accomplice? Investigation continues