Road Trip > Bolan Mountain Lookout > Day One

by Rainbow Bobbins

In mid-July I headed south to raft the Rogue River and stay at the Bolan Mountain Lookout. Gorgeous trip – I look forward to spending more time in these parts. After a failed attempt at finding a campsite the first night was spent in a creepy motel in Roseburg. Up early the next morning to pick up a raft and cruise the mellower section of the Rogue River. After a few beers and several hours on the river it was time to head past Cave Junction, Oregon and up, up, up a mountain to a little retreat. The Bolan Mountain Fire Lookout sits at about 6200 ft with the most spectacular views I have seen at any lookouts I have visited. About a mile hike down the hill is a small lake – great place to float on inflatables. So thankful to be here!

Cruising the Rogue River

Some trip I take on more rapids with a guide. Floated about 13 river miles past canyons, forest lands, rocky structures.

The Bolan Mountain Lookout Station

Things to do at the remote lookout: Watch sun go up and down, eat, read, stare at the stars, look for fires, yatzee, draw

Sunset!! spotted! (see the smoke?) No one to call. Luckily it was out by morning.