Road Trip > Lowell, OR > Timber Butte Lookout

by Rainbow Bobbins

Timber Butte Lookout

For Labor Day weekend I celebrated by doing a whole lotta nothing at Timber Butte Lookout Station. The last time I was there it was beautiful fall with a surprise visit by snow. This trip it was hot and hazy due to forest fires raging around central Oregon. Despite that, it was lovely out. Day one was spent along Salmon Creek and the next day was dedicated to lounging in the sun at Lookout Point Lake.

Lush forest surrounding the Timber Butte area

Hanging out at Salmon Creek - there are some fun mountain biking trails along here

Lookout Point Lake - just kick'n it & wishing a had a boat with a motor and an innertube on a rope

Dusk at the cabin

Easily entertained

Moth on the window