PDX Rambles > North Portland

by Rainbow Bobbins

I haven’t been getting out around town much lately. I decided I’m going to spend some time exploring the neighborhoods of PDX.  Here is a treasure map of North Portland: NorthPDX. This Sunday was dedicated to North Portland — Here’s how the day went:

We started off with a trip to the Oregon Humane Society to visit the doggies who need homes. I'm so impressed with their facility.

Next stop: coffee at Posies Cafe in the Kenton Neighborhood

We stopped to say a quick Hello to Paul who's been here since the '50s I believe.

We trekked over to Downtown St. Johns for breakfast at John Street Cafe. Yum-O. Good fresh breakfast.

Then some play time at Cathedral Park

Look at this guy...trying to be cute. and succeeding.

Next up was two blissful hours at Blooming Moon Spa off of Denver St. Love it here.

We hung out with Sarah and PO at their home across from Kenton City Park then headed over to Tasty ‘n Sons for an amazing dinner (hmm..might have nearly crossed over into NE PDX territory here)

Some goodness from Tasty 'n Sons. I'm still thinking about the ragu pasta.

What a fun day!

Do you know of other treasures in North Portland I should check out??… I loosely define north Portland as the area West of Williams Ave and North of Fremont – Although some of my rambles took me outside of this territory.

Also, because I am a list fanatic, I have included some of my favorite places in North Portland:

  • Smith Bybee Lakes area (big lakes in the middle of an industrial area that no one talks about)… good for kayaking, canoeing and bird watching in the heart of the city.
  • Tienda Santa Cruz – Finally!! Good Mexican food in Portland. Kick ass tacos – stripped down, no frills. Que Rico tacos y salsa – aye mama!
  • Kelley Point Park where the Willamette and Columbia rivers collide – fun to chill on the beach and watch the barges.
  • Portland Meadows Race Track where the ponies run on Mondays and Wednesdays. I like getting the paper and a coffee and people watching between bets and races.
  • Portland International Raceway: where they host regular amateur drag racing and motorcycle speed challenges.
  • Disjecta: Artsy venue with rotation installations
  • Aquila Glass Studio: I’ve taken classes here – it is a great resource for people interested in hot glass work
  • Georgies Ceramics: Great resource for all things clay.
  • Overlook Park: So named because it overlooks Portland’s downtown and west hills area as well as the shipping and freight hub on the Willamette River. Great spot for picnics and sunsets.
  • Blue Moon Camera: You can buy special film here, like infra-red, and they will develop it. A great old school/new school photog resource.
  • Mock Crest Tavern:  Quintessential neighborhood bar. It’s not cool – it’s just slightly working class and home away from home for the regulars. They have live music and decent bar food.
  • Saraveza: Amazing beer selection, very cool atmosphere.  A bar dedicated to the love of beer.
  • Tasty ‘n Sons: Good god this place is delicious. I think the sweet biscuits and cream is the best thing I’ve ever eaten in Portland. The place is packed with the brand of hipsters PDX is known for- everyone seems young and good looking.