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by Rainbow Bobbins

I've got to work on my photoshop skills...

It is time again for culinary exploration. Alabama and Alaska are, eaten er…ate? Next on the menu is Arizona. This menu will take from Arizona’s culinary influence from Mexico. Yum. Here is what’s planned :

Arizona Dinner Party Influence de Mexico
Aqua de Tamarindo
Pumpkin-Cactus and Mole Pollo Enchiladas
Green Salad
Homemade Dulche de Leche Ice Cream

Attire: Ben-Gay; “Citizen” T-Shirt, Orthopedic shoes; sunglasses > Reading: Edward Abby and Susan Sontag > Music: Buck Owens, Meat Puppets; Waylon Jennings; Alice Cooper > Movie: Raising Arizona  > People: Geronimo.

Hmm… What am I missing on this menu??