PDX Rambles > Milwaukie, OR

by Rainbow Bobbins

On Sunday my PDX Rambles took me a bit further afield to Milwaukie, OR – just South of Portland. I didn’t have time to do any google-research so CP and I just headed out for some exploration. Along the way we came across a place to shoot bow and arrows and a place for lazar tag – though we did not choose to do either. Just something to keep in mind if you are in this neck of the woods.
Here is a little snap shot of our brief exploratory venture:

Downtown Milwaukie hosts a farmers market on Sundays until 2pm through Oct. 30

Dark Horse Comics Headquarters occupy a lot of square footage in this area.

I did not pose spider man like that - this is how I found him. We spent a good amount of time exploring Main Street Collectors' Mall - an amazing antique store.

Pink Floyd & E.T. are only some of the goodies at the antique mall -- they also have some great jewelry and textiles.

We went to go eat at Bob's Red Mill but forgot that it is closed Sundays. Instead we raided the samples at Dave's Killer Bread headquarters. Good stuff

Last stop was at Pendleton's Woolen Mill Store where they have beautiful woolen fabrics by the yard and discount prices on wall tapestries. This place is huge.

In the back of the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store they have a large gallery for textile arts.