Design Challenge(d ) > Some updates

by Rainbow Bobbins

I don’t have the eye for design which is why my kitchen walls are crayon blue, the floor is red marmoleum and CP says he feels like he’s being pulled over by a cop when he walks inside. I like thinking about interior design…but my executions are failures. Like the idea I had to take all the furniture out of my living room and just hang hammocks. End result was large holes in my walls and a craigslist hammock infested with spiders. Also, a crackhead stole a critical piece of the hammock stand out of my front yard while it was undergoing quarantine for spider infestation. Fine, I will just get a couch, geez. My latest design idea (which I know is ugly and I don’t care) is to make a whole wall of masks. I still need to sign up for winter ceramics class but I have a small start based on what I made in last years’ class:

Start of the mask wall. All of them are flops from my ceramics class aside from the cool looing one with the tusks in the middle.

The cool mask-headthing in the middle I picked up from Chris Paulsen(?) at Portland Saturday Market. He also sells his stuff on Etsy at 3sevens. Any other resources for badass masks? Speaking of which, check out this beautiful book: Maske by Phyllis Galembo

One ‘interior decorating’ thing I recently made that I actually like is my new head board which I made from wood I bought and stained from home depot.
Alright, it is clear I’m no Kelly Worcestershire Sauce or whatever her name is but I have new respect for folks that can pull a room together.

hmm...i didn't get a picture of the entire headboard but you get the idea. I screwed a bunch of planks together. Haaandy.

 I still want hammock livingroom. That dream is not dead.