Taste Bud Road Trip > Arizona > Debrief

by Rainbow Bobbins

Arizona Dinner Party was nice and mellow. It was a crisp, cool fall night – perfect for some comfort food. Kira, Char, Andy and Kristi came over with beer and sunglasses. We had tamarind soda, pumpkin enchiladas and dulce de leche ice cream. I recommend the Pumpkin Enchiladas from Martha Stewart – easy to make and very tasty. Not to mention seasonally appropriate. However if you want to cook up a bowl of something that tastes worse than puke you can use  this “easy mole enchilada” recipe.   Blahhh! I had to throw it out.  Impressively bad. Char said the ice cream was a “triumph” – and whoa, I’m scared to be alone with the finished product – I will end up fat and sticky with an ice cream headache and still think it was all worth it. Yum. Next up on the Alphabetical-ish culinary road trip is Arkansas. Official national beverage: Milk. Official cooking utensil: Dutch Oven. Unofficially thinking the menu will be Chicken and Dumplings with green salad and Red Velvet Cake.

Getting ready for some enchiladas. I forgot to take pics of food and the dinner. who cares?

My parents gave me this ice cream maker. It is older than I am but it works like a champ. It also shoots blue sparks and makes the whole house vibrate when it is plugged in. Fun!