Happy Halloween > Make it scary

by Rainbow Bobbins

Happy Halloween. I’ve decided that my porch is going to be scary tonight…those kids will have to be brave to come get their candy. I picked up some random supplies at Scrap to decorate the porch. Scrap is a wonderful resource for these types of projects. Among the items I scored: yards and yards of ribbon, a movie poster from Rite,  a mean looking gorilla poster and a bamboo table cloth and some heavy stock paper to make patterns for a quilt I’m working on — all this for $4.00. Not quite sure how all of these will come together but I look forward to making a haunted porch for trickortreaters tonight.

Here is The Rite movie poster. I painted it to make it a bit more scary. This will go on the door at kid eye level. Brawhahahah!

Movie poster after a little paint and dental work.

These guys turned out more goofy than scary but they play an important role in the porch atmosphere.