PDX Rambles > Lone Fir Cemetery

by Rainbow Bobbins

Located off of Belmont in NE PDX

After putting in some overtime at the office on Sunday I managed to get out in time to enjoy the last autumn rays of the day. I have passed Lone Fir Cemetery many times and have always wanted to stop. Sunday was my day — and a good one too- it was a perfect sunny fall day. Lone Fir is on 30 acres and is Portland’s oldest cemetery. Despite its name it is now fill with trees – many of which have amazing fall colors right now. I noticed quite a few people hanging out. Pretty, peaceful, park-like with some old PDX history. The first burial here was in 1846.

Hello Fall

One of the oldest headstones -- I think this couple donated the land that now makes up the cemetery

Our Mary Lack-of-Face. haha. get it? full-of-grace/lack-of-face. Nerd.

Colorful Resting

What up Je?

I like these simple headstones -- especially adorned by fall leaves

Sigh. Nice day. Glad to be alive